“…a multifaceted read that is thought provoking and highlights the influence of the original text into totally unique corners. And, with an extensive bibliography, the book can also be a guide to those who want to delve deeper.”

Scientific American Book Club on Slow Light (2011)

“Shines with insights from the cutting edge of physics.”

American Scientist on Hollywood Science (March-April 2008)

“Great fun. It brings less-well-known films to the reader’s attention—I’m putting Panic in the Streets (1950) on my to-rent list—and delves into the serious issues of how such films serve to educate the public and to inspire the scientific enterprise. I give it two thumbs up!”

Library Link on Hollywood Science (2008)

“Sidney Perkowitz of Emory University has done the world a service by screening over 60 films which depict physicists or people very much like them, to see how well or badly the Moguls handled the science part.”

Pennsylvania Gazette on Digital People (July/August 2004)

“A helpful book—a straightforward summarization of the myth and magic, science and struggles, ideals and cautions that constitute the history of artificial beings.”

E-Notes on Digital People (2004)

“Crams a lot of information into its slender covers, but Perkowitz presents it all easily, which makes a book like this one invaluable.”

Science Magazine on Universal Foam (2000)

“Broad-ranging and enlightening.”

Publisher’s Weekly on Empire of Light. (Sept 2, 1996) Starred Review!

“A wondrous, mind-expanding tour of the visible world.”

Kirkus Review on Empire of Light (July 1, 1996)

“Smoothly written, comprehensive, and thoroughly enjoyable.”

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