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Sidney Perkowitz has written some 150 online and print articles, essays, blog posts and book chapters on science for popular audiences, including children. His work has appeared in the LA Times, Washington Post, Physics World, and other major media outlets.

Those outlets include The Miami Herald, The Guardian, San Jose Mercury, Houston Chronicle,  Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Sciences, Technology Review, Literal, The Bridge, The Scientist, New Scientist, J. Tech. Writing Commun., Times (London), Odyssey, and more. His work has also appeared in national magazines and journals, including Denver Quarterly, The American Prospect, Art Papers, and Leonardo, and in books such as The Metaphorical Circuit.

His topics include popular science, the humor and culture of science, science on stage and screen, science and art, science and mythology, the literature of technology, and contemporary artists who use scientific ideas.

For full publication details, see his curriculum vita (.pdf).

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