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Hollywood Chemistry (September 2013) co-edited by Sidney Perkowitz and with a chapter by him, is Sidney’s sixth book.  It covers a topic that interests people from science fiction fans to scientists,  media experts, and educators – how the increasingly powerful and varied impact of science in films and television affects both science and entertainment.  Chapters by film and television writers and directors, research scientists, science instructors, and others tackle all aspects of the questions raised by this combination of cultures. Check out the e-book and especially Sidney’s chapter about science in the movies “Hollywood Science: Good for Hollywood, Bad for Science?” at  (Hardcopy edition available 2014). roulette online play real money

Slow Light (July 2011) is Sidney Perkowitz’s fifth book of science nonfiction for popular audiences. Slow Light is a popular treatment of today’s astonishing breakthroughs in the science of light. Even though we don’t understand light’s quantum mysteries, we can slow it to a stop and speed it up beyond its Einsteinian speed limit, 186,000 miles/sec; use it for quantum telecommunications; teleport it; manipulate it to create invisibility; and perhaps generate hydrogen fusion power with it. us online wallets used for casinos

All this is lucidly presented for non-scientists who wonder about teleportation, Harry Potter invisibility cloaks, and other fantastic outcomes. Slow Light shows how the real science and the fantasy inspire each other, and it projects light’s incredible future. real cash online bingo

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